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Vaetrix Gauge 4

Precision and Toughness For Field Testing

The new Vaetrix Gauge 4 Pressure Gauge from Taylor Valve Technology Inc. is designed for superior performance under tough field service conditions. From its reliable microprocessor-based technology to its rugged, lightweight case, the easy to handle Gauge 4 sets a new standard for performance, with its 5 full digits display and ¾" digits and floating decimal point and on board barometric pressure. Pressure accuracy of 0.1% of indicated reading (combined error for temp, linearity & hysteresis) on 5000-PSI units and below. Pressure accuracy of 0.05% Full Scale (combined error for temp, linearity & hysteresis) on gauges above 5000 PSI.

Thanks to the Gauge 4's straightforward design and common-sense display, even operators with little or no field operating experience achieve remarkable results the first time out. In fact, this pressure indicator is so well designed, it actually helps build operator confidence and ensure reliable testing results by eliminating the sources of many common operator errors. As a result, even first time users can acquire sophisticated readings with extreme accuracy.

Powered by 4 double A batteries, the Gauge 4 is designed to deliver up to 250 hours of continuous uninterrupted service.

Field-Proven Performance Features

Designed especially to deliver superior performance under tough working conditions, the Gauge 4 combines reliable microprocessor-based technology with rugged design to bring portable, precision electronic pressure measurement performance to field-testing. This means Gauge 4 operators can count on benefiting from high accurate pressure measurements.

Innovative Hardware & Software

The state of the art electronics and software inside the Gauge 4 are every bit as advanced as the lightweight and functional package they are housed within. For example, its built-in calibration and diagnostic programs make the Gauge 4 the most reliable instrument of its type in service today.

Internet service is also available for return for recalibration certification and repair of the instrument to maintain NIST certification and trace ability.

Vaetrix Gauge4

Gauge 4 Specifications


  • Gauges below 5000-PSI Combined 0.1% I.R. (Combined error for temp, linearity and hysteresis.)
  • Gauges above 5000-PSI Combined 0.05% F.S. (Combined error for temp, linearity and hysteresis.)

Indicated Readings Compared to Standard:

  • 0.1% I.R. after the first 20% of F/S (Below 5000 PSI)
  • 0.1% F.S. after the first 5% of F/S
  • 0.05% F.S. after the first 20% of F/S (Above 5000 PSI)


  • Compensated Standard 32-122 F (0-50 C)
  • Compensated Optional -14-122 F (-10-50 C)
  • Storage -20-140 F (-20-60 C)
  • Reference 72 F plus or minus 2 F (22 C plus or minus 1 C)

Engineering Units:

  • Non-field change able units


  • Calibration to warm-up is 1 minute, after which instrument is fully functional and readings are completely accurate.


  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • 5 Full Digits
  • .75 Digits

Update Intervals:

  • Pressure 4 times per second

Power Supply:

  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 250 hours maximum service life

Overpressure Error:

  • Display at 150% of Full Scale. (Instruments displaying overpressure error require return to factory to clear mode and verify gauge accuracy.

Low Scale:

  • Gauge will not display pressure until it reaches 1% of Full Scale

Calibration Standards:

  • Plus or Minus 0.0125% of readings (or better) secondary standards traceable
    to NIST.

Overpressure Capability:

  • 0 - 2 PSI and below 1.5 x range
  • 3 - 5000 PSI 1.5 x range
  • 7,500 PSI 1.5 x range


  • Ranges 0/5 PSI and above plus or minus 0.01% of span (typical)
  • Ranges 0.2 PSI and below plus or minus 0.03% of span


  • Plus or Minus 0.002% of span with dampening 1 part in 50,000 (maximum)


  • Standard
  • Isolated - For use with any media compatible with 316 Stainless steel

Pressure Ranges (PSI):

  • 0-5          0-10          0-15          0-30          0-50          0-100          0-200
  • 0-300       0-500        0-1,000     0-2,000      0-3,000     0-5,000        0-10,000
  • 0-20,000   0-30,000
  • (Special order ranges available)

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