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Vaetrix Gauge 2

Specifications and Options

Physical Characteristics


7.3 lbs.

Operating Temperature Range:

0° to 49°C

Storage (limited operating)
Temperature Range:

-40° - 80°C

Proof Pressure:

150% FS

Burst Pressure:

200% FS

Wetted Materials Standard:

15-5PH, 304SS and 316SS

Power Supply:

9 Volt DC battery (UL specification requires DuraCell Model #MN1604)

Gauge Connection:

1/4” MNPT Connection (Standard)

Carry Case:

ABS Plastic with Foam Insert & Lifetime Warranty Width: 15-1/4” Length:18-1/2”
Depth 6-7/8”


Gauge Probe Fitting

Allows reading of pressure in a closed system up to 5,000 PSI (slip-on type) or 15,000 PSI (lock-on type)



±0.1% of full scale. Typical ±1 count.

Total Worst Error at 25ºC:

Typical ±0.079

Display Update Rate:

0.30 Seconds.

Time to Stable Reading:

10 Seconds.

Thermal Zero Shift:

Typical: ±0.014%FS/ºC. Max: ±0.03%FS/ºC.

Thermal Span Shift:

Typical: ±0.002%IP/ºC. Max: ±0.005%IP/ºC.

Zero Adjustment:

Min: ±1.0%FS. Max: ±5.0%FS.

Low Battery Indication:

Typical: 20 Hours Before Loss of spec.

Battery Life (new):

Typical: 24 Hours Continuous.

Peak Hold Mode:

Display and Reset the Peak Hold Record.


All materials used in the Vaetrix Gauge have been reviewed, approved and certified by The Canadian standard for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group A,B,C, and D environments

Compared to Deadweight Testers

A deadweight tester is specified as accurate to a tenth of a percent contingent on the tester beight properly levelled and hooked into the system and providing that:

  • The pressure is in the upper 90% of its range.

  • The weights are clean and unscarred.

  • The operator is experienced.

  • The climate is such that he is willing to take all the time necessary to get an accurate reading using as few weights as possible.

Convenience (A)

How can you compare the electronic gauge to a deadweight?

  1. Gently stack weights until piston reaches equilibrium against pressure.
  2. Add up pressure equivalents of weights to get gauge pressure.
  3. Carefully open ball valve.
  4. Attach hose to test port.
  5. Add absolute pressure correction factor.
  6. Close ball valve and remove pressure fitting.
  7. Store weights and take down tester assembly.
  8. Level tester precisely.
Vaetrix Gauge2


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