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Vaetrix eGauge1

Specifications and Options

5000 PSI and below:

Operating Range:

10% to 100% of Full Scale.


+/- 0.05% of Indicated Reading. Specifications include all effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and temperature.

Above 5000 PSI:

10% - 100% of full range.
+/- .05% of full scale.

Operating Range:

1% to 10% of Full Scale.


+/- 0.02% of Full Scale.

Pressure Ranges

See ordering information below.

Data Logging

Holds in excess of 100,000 Data Points.
Data Point consist of Date, Time, Log and File #, Ambient Temp, RTD Temp, Pressure, and Barometric Pressure



Graphic characters.

Display Rate:

4 updates per second.

Numerical Display Height:

0.75” for primary line.
0.25” for secondary lines.

Duel Line Display:

Second line displays max. and min. peaks.


Operating and Compensated:

-0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F).


-40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F).

Optional Features

Temperature Sensor:

Optional RTD probe, 100 ohm platinum.

Absolute Pressure:

Standard on eGauge 1


Pressure Connection:

1/4” MNPT.


Bluetooth-enabled 802.4 MHz.
Range up to 35 feet.

Media Compatibility

Liquids and gases compatible with
ASTM A 214 316 Stainless Steel.
Optional Materials available on request.



Four Size AA batteries.

Battery Life:

500+ hours typical (alkaline battery) in either log or gauge mode.



High density plastic and aluminum designed to withstand four foot drop impact test.


500g (18.0 oz.) including batteries.



EB welded stainless steel housing with replaceable sensing element designed with a permanent oil-filled diaphragm seal.

Compared to Mechanical Test Gauges

  • Accuracy is not affected by overpressure, temperature, shock (by being dropped) or rapid increases or decreases of pressure (e.g. relief valve testing).

  • Faster, accurate readings better visualization and no parallax errors. Vibration does not affect the life of the gauge.

Compared to Deadweight Testers

  • Significantly lighter for greater portability.

  • No local gravity correction required.

  • Automatic temperature correction.

  • No special skills required to use.

  • Less expense to maintain & certify.

Compared to Digital Pressure Gauges

  • More robust design.

  • Greater accuracy.

  • Bluetooth-enabled interface.
Vaetrix eGauge1

The eGauge 1 comes standard with data logging capability*

                *Taylor e-chart


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